Just As I Am November 11, 2015

“I’m miserable, I would like to become a Christian but I don’t know how.” Those were the words of young Charlotte Elliott, of Clapham, England. “Hearing her concern, Dr. Cesar Malan asked her, “Why don’t you come just as you are?” At first she was offended. But after pondering his words, she became a true believer, and years later, she wrote the words, to the song ‘Just As I Am.’ Though published in 1836, it did not become well known until sung around the world in Evangelist Billy Graham’s Crusades. Since then, millions have sung, “Just As I Am without One Plea.. O Lamb of God I come,” understanding that coming ‘just as we are,’ in our sins weaknesses and failures is the only way we can become Christians. Christ said “Whoever comes to me I will never cast our.” ” “Just as I am” is the only way anyone can come to Christ.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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