Clearness of Vision November 26, 2015

He’d purchased new glasses. Everything had been okay for a while, but then his vision became unclear. Someone said to him, “How can you see through those glasses? You need to clean them.” He cleaned them again, but there was no improvement. So he showed it to an optician, who found a thin film on the lenses. He used a stronger lens cleaner, and immediately he could see perfectly well again. There’s a lesson here. We need to make sure we are not allowing biases or anything else to distort of perceptions or values. Someone once said, our conscience is not our guide unless we have truth for our creed. Because the conscience can be misleading, since it is conditioned by what we take in. And if the Bible, the ultimate source of truth, is not our guide, our values become distorted. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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