“Hearing His Side” December 14, 2015

He was a big overgrown boy scout, who grew up without much of a chance. We’ll call him “Willie”, not his real name, because he was considered one of the bad boys of the community, constantly blamed for trouble, whether he was guilty or not. On one occasion, following an altercation, he was being blamed for something he had not done. He listened, fully expecting a verdict and punishment. But when the Scout Master said, “Let’s hear his side,” Willie started to cry, surprising everyone, because they had never seen him cry before. When asked what was the matter, he said, “Nobody ever said before that I had a side.” He was responding to the first love and fair judgment he had ever received. And how wonderful, to know that though we all do wrong, since “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, “ and are all sinners by nature and by choice, the Lord Jesus reached out to us in love , and offers forgiveness, and life, by going to the cross in our place. That’s a minute of truth!

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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