Admitting What We’re really Like January 21, 2016

Actor Comedian Don Harron, was a familiar figure in Canadian life for many years. He used wigs, makeup, a woman’s voice or a different pair of spectacles. Other times he donned a wool cap, raggedy sweater and became lovable Charlie Farquarson. But from time to time he put away his costumes and appeared as himself. He once said “Playing Don Harron is the toughest for me. I’m an actor and I like to hide. Many of us find it easier to have different faces for different situations, instead of facing our true selves courageously and admitting what we are really like. John’s gospel says of Christ, “He did not need man’s testimony about man, for He knew what was in man.” God knows what we are all about. He calls on us to acknowledge what we are- as Paul explained- “none righteous…none who seeks after God…” And so Jesus He invites us to turn to Him for forgiveness, a right relationship with Him and the promise of a home in heaven some day.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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