Missed Opportunities March 10, 2016

Two friends were viewing a piece of land for sale. Walter explained what he planned to build on the property when he bought it, and urged his friend Arthur to buy some of the surrounding acreage as he felt it would become increasingly valuable. Arthur thought his friend’s dream had got the better of his common sense. He promised to “ think about it”. “Later will be too late,” cautioned Walter. And so it was that Art Linkletter lost the opportunity to own the land surrounding what became the now famous “Disneyland.” which his friend Walt Disney had told him about. So often we are told about God’s offer of forgiveness, and eternal life, by placing our faith in Christ and becoming a part of God’s family. John explained in his gospel, “As many as received Him (Christ) to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.” Please give serious consideration to that offer before it’s too late.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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