Preparation for the Future April 8, 2016

Financial literacy is an important skill for all Canadians, but especially as they navigate their senior years. In this process, many of them need expert support, direction and advice. This should include information on available services as well as warnings about scams. But it seems that many prefer to adopt the philosophy of an old song which says, “The years go by, as quickly as a wink, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.” God wants us to enjoy ourselves, but also to remember that we have a need to prepare not only for our senior years, but also for the life beyond, when this life is over. Jeremiah in the Old Testament reminds us that our Maker has “thoughts of peace and love” for His people and that He wants to “give them a future and a hope.” This hope is through God’s Son, Jesus, who went to Calvary’s cross to take our place and pay the penalty for our wrong-doing. Amos the prophet wisely urged, “prepare to meet your God.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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