New Home for the Twins April 22, 2016

“We were reminded today that life is a vapor. Life is precious, life is fragile, and we must redeem the time we’re given…our boys, Jordan and Evan were bright lights…We are grieving their loss but confident of their new home in heaven.” Those were the words of Jason, Shauna and Katie, family of the twins who tragically died in a bobsled accident in Calgary last month. Their words are solemn reminders of the brevity of life, and an encouragement to redeem the time given. But in this heart-breaking event, there is a ray of hope. The boys have “a new home in heaven.” That’s because these young men, had previously come into a personal relationship with the Lord. Those family members are aware of a great Bible truth for all true Christians- “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”. There will be a family reunion.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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