Conscience July 4, 2016

In the USA, tax cheating amounts to billions of dollars annually. Attempting to respond, the IRS established a special program where, if the conscience of cheaters kicks in, they can repay their debt anonymously. God has placed in each of us a moral faculty designed to distinguish right from wrong. In fact, the Bible, God’s inspired Word, speaks of a “seared conscience” and exhorts us to keep a “good conscience.” If you or I have a conscience that is still active, and we have not seared it, we should be very thankful to God. If we desire to have a good conscience in God’s eyes, we can have one by sincerely acknowledging that since there is “none righteous, no not one,” and that we are in need of God’s forgiveness. That’s because “Christ died for our sin”, to make that possible. Remember please that “our conscience is not our guide unless we have truth for our standard.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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