Do or Done? July 11, 2016

The recent funeral for the boxing great, born Cassius Clay, brought together many faiths. It is said that there are ten thousand religions in the world. But in fact, there are only two—the “do” religion and the “done” religion. One of these religions tells us we must “do” something—like join a church, give to charities, meditate, do penance, and other works, in order to please God and go to heaven. The “done” religion, which is the Bible based “old time religion” tells us “all our righteousness’ are as filthy rags” and “there is none righteous, no not one.” We are also told that it is not by works of righteousness that we have done but according to His mercy He saves us.” However, thankfully, the dear Lord Jesus did everything necessary when He died on the cross. That’s why He cried out when dying, “It is finished.” We all need to embrace the “done” religion, accepting what Jesus has already done.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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