All Accounts not settled in October July 21, 2016

A farmer, who was an atheist, wrote to the editor of a farm newspaper. He spoke about his godless lifestyle and stated that the Christian farmers in his area were wasting their time denying themselves certain pleasures, which he enjoyed. He said he had done as much of his work on Sundays as possible, and poked fun at their church-going, and boasted, “this October my crops were the largest in the community.” The editor’s classic brief response, printed following the letter, was “Dear Sir, God does not settle all of His accounts in October.” Unfortunately, the atheist farmer was ignoring the warning, “boast not yourself of tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Let’s hope he later acted on the good advice of Amos the prophet, “Prepare to meet your God.” Just because we seem to be getting away with wrong-doing does not necessarily mean that we are.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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