The Amazing Bee August 5, 2016

Many more bees are being seen on Prince Edward Island this summer. They are amazing creatures. Think about the following–A worker bee’s eyes have about 7,000 lenses, and hair that has an electrostatic charge that attracts pollen. When the bee locates food, it calls other bees to its location by a series of dance moves. Bees also have wing hooks which can attach each set of wings together during flight, for maximum efficiency. They are equipped with every detail necessary to do their job. And yet, in spite of these marvellous characteristics, some folks say that bees got that way by accident. No—this world and all that is in it was carefully planned. Genesis chapter one says, “… God created every living thing that moves…” Yes, there is an intelligent, designing God to Whom we will all one day give account.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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