Michael Angelo August 18, 2016

Michael, a young boy playing in the streets of Florence, Italy was making beautiful models out of mud. An artist, Domenico Del Ghirlandajo saw the boy’s potential, took him under his wing and taught him. Soon Ghirlandajo sent him on for further studies. Later in life, the grateful Michael gave his old teacher a gift – a beautiful drawing of the Master’s hands which had taught him how to draw. Many have never heard of Ghirlandajo, but most have heard of his student- Michelangelo. This is a picture of how God, the Great Artist, reached down, loved us and made forgiveness possible. Paul wrote of this love- “God demonstrates His own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”. When we turn ourselves over to Christ, as Bill Gaither’s song says, “He makes something beautiful of our lives.” I’m Alex Rockwell.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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