Divorce and Broken Homes September 7, 2016

In June, Dennis Quaid and Kimberley Buffington announced they are divorcing. On July 15th , Drew Barrymore filed for divorce from husband Will Kopelman. About four in every ten first marriages in Canada now end in divorce. Counsellors find that selfishness is the biggest reason why marriages fail. But there is an antidote to selfishness. The Bible says, “Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own….” Someone says, “I cannot forgive. I’ve been hurt too much.” Forty-five years ago, Phyllis J. was heartbroken when she learned of her husband’s unfaithfulness. But when she gave her life to Jesus Christ, she was able to forgive Terry, who then became a Christian. My friends Phyllis and Terry have lived happily as husband and wife ever since. Could this happen in your troubled marriage?

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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