The Amazing Pearl October 10, 2016

An unidentified Philippine fisherman has found a seventy-five-pound pearl that could be the largest ever found in the world, and five times larger than the previous record. Not knowing it could be worth tens of millions of dollars, he kept the pearl hidden as a good-luck charm, for ten years. If the story is true, it is amazing and pictures ” the Pearl of Great Price”, in one of Jesus’ parables. In it, Jesus compares our journey to heaven to a search for fine pearls, conducted by a merchant, “who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had”, to acquire the pearl. The parable encourages us to turn from anything keeping us from receiving Jesus, the ultimate pearl of great price, and the gift of eternal life which He made possible by dying at Calvary for us. .

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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