A New Year – A New Beginning December 28, 2016

Vanessa, wrote the following to a newspaper. “…of all the holidays that I celebrate, New Year’s Eve is perhaps the most important to me. A new year marks a new beginning, a fresh start of the opportunity to start all over again. The truth is that ever since I was little, I have always looked forward to this important date.” Vanessa’s thoughts about the new year are surely held by many. She speaks of a new beginning. It is not only true about a new year, in this case of 2017, but also about the possibility of starting a new life. Paul the Apostle described what takes place when we recognize that we need God in our lives and invite Christ in to forgive, cleanse and start us on the road to heaven. His words are, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, He, (or she) is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.” In this new year, a new life is waiting for all.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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