Outward Appearances Unreliable May 10, 2017

A cosmetic company advertised a new product promising that “within a month you can expect eyelashes to be fuller, stronger and more abundant.” It seems we are constantly bombarded with products to improve our physical appearance. But how much time do we spend on our inward traits- such as compassion, unselfishness and honesty? We need to remember, as the Bible informs us, “man looks on the outward appearances, but God looks on the heart.” When God looks on our hearts, He sees our fallen sinful human nature. So, He offers us forgiveness and a new life. As Paul explained to a sincere inquirer, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” We should be asking ourselves, “Do I spend most of my time thinking about outward appearances or inward? Am I living for time or eternity?

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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