C.S. Lewis on Happiness May 26, 2017

C.S. Lewis, famous for the Screwtape Letters and the Chronicles of Narnia, was a brilliant writer and scholar who taught at both Cambridge and Oxford University. In his early years he was an atheist. But after thoroughly researching Christianity, he became a strong Christian. On one occasion, he said, “God cannot give us a happiness apart from Himself.” Lewis was saying, until we acknowledge as the Bible says, that in us there is “no good thing“, we need God’s forgiveness. Until then, all attempts to find happiness will be in vain. But thankfully, when we come to that place, we experience what Paul the Apostle described, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” C.S. Lewis had it right. Without a proper relationship with Jesus, there is no happiness and peace.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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