Saved By a Shadow August 9, 2017

A swimming instructor was spared serious injury or death when he saw a shadow. He said, “One night I could not sleep, so I decided to have a swim, hoping this would relax me. I didn’t put the lights on in the gym, for I knew every inch of the place. The moon was shining brightly and I could see my body clearly outlined on the opposite wall.” As he raised his arms for the dive, his shadow made a perfect silhouette of a cross. He was not a Christian, but thought of the words of an old hymn, ‘He died that I might be forgiven…’ For some reason, he did not dive. Walking into the pool, he was shocked to find it empty. Unknown to him, the caretaker had drained it. A dive would have probably killed him. Later he said, “I knelt in gratitude and asked the Christ of the cross to save my soul.” The Bible says, “…Christ died for us.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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