Caught on Camera September 20, 2017

“What happens to private morality when the camera is watching?” Elizabeth Renzetti asked, in an insightful article in the Globe and Mail. Noting the troubling situations of the mayor of a large city and a basketball team owner, both caught on camera, Renzetti commented, “there was a time in the West when a healthy fear of God kept people in line…” She is correct. The Bible warns of a day when “the dead, small and great” will “stand before God.” We are also told that the book of our lives will be opened and people will be judged by God,” Those considering this Bible truth as merely a myth held by superstitious and religious zealots, take a terrible gamble with tragic and eternal results. Isaiah, in the Old Testament invites us to “seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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