Suggestions for life October 31, 2017

W. Gifford Jones is a Medical doctor, and a popular newspaper columnist. A while back he made some interesting suggestions to make life more relaxing. One- learn to live within your means. Two – learn to separate the possible from the impossible. Three- Practice patience with a problem until the right solution comes along. To Dr. Jones’ excellent suggestions, I’d like add a fourth. Make your peace with God by placing your faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. When we do that, while our situations may seem impossible to us, “With God all things are possible.” In problem solving, God says “ If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally … and it will be given to him.” Some stress is inevitable in life, but with God’s help we can learn how to react to it properly. Please think about that

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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