Tragic shooting in Las Vegas November 2, 2017

One of the many moving stories that have emerged from the tragic shooting in Las Vegas last month, was that of a husband who bravely sacrificed himself to save the life of his wife. Sonny Melton was shielding his wife, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Heather Melton from gunfire, when he was fatally shot. She described her husband as the most kind-hearted, loving man she ever met, telling the world that he “saved my life and lost his.” This sad but beautiful story dramatically illustrates the death of Christ, on Calvary’s cross for us. One New Testament writer, wrote that Jesus “gave Himself for us that He might redeem us…” And the grateful response of Sonny Melton’s wife should be ours. The vital question is, “How do I respond to the One who died for me?” I hope you too will give that serious consideration today.
Pastor Alex Rockwell
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