Avoiding the Unpleasant November 17, 2017

In the comic strip “Peanuts”, Lucy tells Linus that when he grows up and moves away, she will get his room. But Linus reminded Lucy that someday she too would have to leave home. Lucy quickly turned the television up louder, crawled into her chair with a bowl of ice cream and refused to talk about it. Just a comic strip, but with an important insight for us all. Many of us, like Lucy, are often unwilling to accept the unpleasant realities in our own lives, to admit our own faults and failures, and especially to face the reality of the next life. To do that, we need to acknowledge our spiritual poverty, since, “all have sinned,” and ask Jesus for forgiveness and an entrance into heaven. He invites us to “seek the Lord while He may be found and to “call upon Him while He is near.” Let’s learn from Lucy.
Pastor Alex Rockwell
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