We are being Watched December 15, 2017

York, Maine Police say a man used cameras hidden inside air fresheners to spy on friends and family with whom he was sharing a vacation home. Frequently people, governments, or businesses are caught invading the privacy of others with hidden cameras or microphones. How we spend our money, what we look at online or share via email, are compiled and catalogued by private companies. What is passed on is often not for our good. But we are also constantly under the searchlight of the Lord, who wants only the very best for us. Job of old said, “His eyes are on the ways of man and He sees all our steps.” Solomon wrote, “the eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.” So, if we are in a right relationship with God, through faith in Christ, we have nothing to fear. If not, Jesus is able to change our situation if we desire to change.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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