Coming Again December 29, 2017

Soon it will be 2018. What will it hold? Amazingly, billions of dollars are paid annually to those claiming to know the future. It would be wiser to check out the Bible, the most authentic book of all times, to learn about the future. Jesus promised, “I will come again.” He is coming back to this earth to set up His kingdom, at an unknown date. And God never makes promises He does not keep. For example, centuries ago, God inspired Old Testament writers to prophesy that the Jewish people, scattered all over the world, would one day return to Palestine and have their own country. Many scoffed. But in May 1948, the nation of Israel was re-born, exactly as promised, right on schedule. So, are we prepared if 2018 is the year in which Christ keeps His promise to “come again”? Only with Christ is our Saviour, can we confidently say, “Come on 2018. I’m ready for you.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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