Promise Kept January 24, 2018

In the year 1914, twenty-nine men sailed from England to Antarctica to cross the Antarctic Continent on foot. But early in their voyage, their ship became entrapped in an ice pack and sank. The leader of the group, Sir Ernest Shackleton left his men, and set out to cross the Antarctic sea in a lifeboat to bring back rescuers. One hundred and five days later, Shackleton returned, as he promised, and the crew was rescued. And our Leader too, the Lord Jesus has promised to return to earth to rescue His children. He wrote, “…I go and prepare a place for you. And …I will come again and receive you to myself. “If you do not believe Christ will return, please remember that it was He who promised centuries earlier that scattered Israel would one day return to Palestine and become a country again. In 1948 the State of Israel was born. Jesus will return.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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