Right way and wrong way February 2, 2018

A while back, the crew of the Newfoundland Lynx discovered three stowaways- two men and a woman-on board the trawler after leaving Iceland. Canada is indeed a place where many from other countries would like to live. Some even try to sneak in illegally. And in like manner, many try to illegally enter heaven. One of the most popular methods attempted is to gain entrance based on performing good deeds, or religious practices. But it never works because none of us is good enough to make it on our own. The Bible informs us that it is “not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His (God’s) mercy” that we are saved. Jesus Himself said, “no on comes to the Father except through me.” It is only when we are in a personal relationship with God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ that we may have assurance of a heavenly home. There will be no stowaways in heaven.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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