The Bible- Error Free February 12, 2018

You believe the Bible was written by men, and is not the inspired Word of God? Please listen to this. A while back Dr. John Grebe, a devout Christian and one-time Director of Nuclear and Basic Research at Dow Chemical in Midland Michigan made an unusual offer. He offered a thousand dollars to anyone who could prove an error in the Bible. Although the offer was made in twenty-seven different countries, the money is still uncollected. And if courts and judges do their jobs correctly and fairly, it will never happen, because the Bible, in its original manuscripts, is the inspired Word of God, preserved from error through the centuries. If we read it, we will learn the answers to life’s most important questions, learn our true nature, and best of all, learn of the Saviour who came to forgive, cleanse and fit us for heaven. Follow this book and it will change your life forever.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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