A Tale of Two Dogs March 23, 2018

Two dogs, Baxter and Bailey got loose and ran away from their home in Sandwich Massachusetts. Baxter was found quickly, but there was no sign of Bailey. Then Bob Blackwell, the dogs’ owner got an idea. He took Baxter back to the area where he had been found and the dog led him through the woods straight to his brother Bailey, who had been caught by his entangled leash. A brotherly love story. The Bible also has a brotherly love story, not about dogs, but people. When Jesus began His ministry, one of the first disciples to follow Him was Andrew, and the first thing Andrew did was to find his own brother Peter, and we are told, “He brought him to Jesus.” Peter, became one of the church’s greatest leaders. The kindest thing we can do for another person is to introduce him or her to Jesus.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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