Jackie Robinson April 4, 2018

At one time in his youth, Jackie Robinson began to run with a bad neighborhood gang. An older friend said to him, “It doesn’t take guts to follow the crowd, it takes courage to be willing to be different.” Jackie listened, traded his wishbone for a backbone and left the gang. He went on to become a sensational athlete, the first black baseball player in the Major leagues. All of us come to crossroads in our live. We too like Jackie Robinson must make decisions. The most important decision of all time is how we respond to Jesus’ invitation,” Come follow me…” Joshua in the Old Testament urged, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” Our Savior, the Lord Jesus offers forgiveness of sin, the gift of salvation, and eternal life. We all face the choice of either accepting or rejecting Him. Please give serious consideration to this today.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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