Any One Else Up There July 30, 2018

The speaker at the dedication service of a new church building in Halifax, told the story of a jogger who fell off a cliff and was hanging helplessly from the branch of a tree, in danger of falling. So, he decided to pray for help. ““Lord, you’ve got to help me. I’ll do anything.” To his surprise, a loud voice from above said, “Let go and trust me.” It was a long way down, and the jogger could not get back to the top. He paused, then cried out desperately, “Is there anyone else up there?” Though told in jest, the story illustrates our attempts to negotiate with the Lord on our own terms rather than obeying what God tells us to do. Some hearing God say, “all have sinned,” or “Repent and believe the gospel,” cry out, “Is there anyone else up there?” Let’s beware of creating our own God who tells us only what we want to hear?

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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