Morals in the U.K. December 10, 2018

British men and women are the most promiscuous of any big western nation in the world, according to a study conducted in 48 countries. 14,000 people were asked about numbers of partners, one-night stands and casual sex. Consider this in light of the following. Britain now has the highest divorce rate in Europe. Less than 12 % of British people attend church. The connection is undeniable. The carnage, broken lives and suffering children are evident everywhere. We can’t do wrong and get away with it. God’s plan has not changed. One man one woman united in marriage. But lives, marriages and families can be transformed by inviting Jesus Christ into our lives. Paul, in the New Testament explained, “If anyone is in Christ, he (or she) is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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