What we look like on the Inside July 24, 2019

The Family Circus cartoon pictured a little guy drawing his older brother’s picture, who upon seeing it was not impressed. He said, “Hey, you said you were going to draw me. I don’t look like that!” The young artist replied, “Well maybe you don’t know what you look like.” We chuckle, but there is a lesson here. It is easy to have a distorted self-image, not only of our outward appearance but also of our “inner self.” The Bible, God’s Word, describes us as “sheep who have gone astray” and also informs us frankly that “there is none righteous, no not one.” Only when we honestly see ourselves as God sees us and admit that “we do look like that”, are we ready to ask for forgiveness and cleansing. Jesus said, “He that comes to me, I will not cast out.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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