Lessons from Peanuts and Lucy August 16, 2019

Lessons from Peanuts and Lucy August 16, 2019

In the comic strip “Peanuts”, Lucy tells Linus that children can’t live at home forever; they grow up and move away.” She smiles and adds, “when you leave Linus, I will get your room.” But Linus quickly counters, “Someday you will leave home too, Lucy. “She quickly turns up the TV and crawls into her chair with a bowl of ice cream. Many of us, like Lucy, refuse to think of unpleasant realities ahead. We grow older each day but ignore the fact that one day we must leave this world and meet our Maker. In light of that sobering truth, let’s heed the advice of Amos of old, who urged, “Prepare to meet your God.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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