Overlooked October 11, 2019

An extremely rare copy of Shakespeare’s “First Folio” has been discovered in a library of a 19th century Scottish mansion. Published in 1623 it has been verified as authentic. Emma Smith, professor of Shakespeare Studies, Oxford University said, “It was there in plain sight, but nobody quite knew what it was.” We, too, often overlook obvious blessings. One such is our God inspired Bible. The Psalmist reminds us, “I rejoice at Your Word, as one who finds a great treasure.” Perhaps in your home there is a Bible that was handed down to you by a loved one, and it is gathering dust. Is it time for you to “re-discover” it? In that great book we can learn so much, such as our true spiritual condition in God’s sight. There we learn how to be forgiven and become members of God’s wonderful family. It can change our lives. Please read your Bible.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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