Near, yet so Far October 16, 2019

Back in Canada’s early days, several pioneers were sheltering in a place called Port Babine when their supplies gave out. Victor Clark and a guide went to get supplies. On their way back they were caught in a blizzard. Unable to go on, they spent a miserable night. As morning dawned, they saw the lights of the fort, only a few yards away. They were …so near, and yet so far. Perhaps you have heard the story of Jesus’ love for you many times; you’ve been near, yet not quite there. King Agrippa in a New Testament story said he was “almost persuaded” to take Christ into his life but he did not. The Bible reminds us that we will find the Lord, “…if we seek Him with all our hearts.” Let’s not be “so near and yet so far” from all God offers.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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