Measuring our own Goodness November 18, 2019

A small boy announced to his mother that he was as tall as the Bible giant Goliath. Investigating this alleged growth spurt, she found that her little son had made his own measuring stick, and it was far shorter than he claimed. We laugh, but really, we are often guilty of measuring our goodness by our own standards! Compared to some others, we consider ourselves quite righteous. But God’s measuring stick is perfection and by His standards, “There is none righteous, no not one.” Mercifully though, God has provided help for us in the person of Jesus, His perfect Son. When He died on the old rugged cross, He paid the penalty for all our sins. The Bible actually says, “Christ died for our sins.” Now it is up to us to ask forgiveness and accept God’s gift to us.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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