Gratitude December 2, 2019

Last month, on November 11, we observed Remembrance Day. It is a time when we express our thanks for the men who served in battle or gave their lives to keep our world free. When we see the military men and women returning home, to be reunited with their families, we rejoice, but many sadly gave their lives for the great cause of freedom. A greater liberation however, occurred when Christ gave His life on the Cross at Calvary, to redeem mankind. His sacrifice made it possible for all to be set free. John, in his gospel wrote, “Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” Many sincere people wonder if there’s hope for them, in spite of the sinful way they have lived. An old hymn gives the answer- “There’s room at the cross for you, though millions have come, there is still room for one, yes, there’s room at the cross for you.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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