A Special Christmas Day December 25, 2019

It is Christmas, 2019

. Here is an amazing but true story of a Christmas which took place many years ago. It was told to me by Sylvia, now in her nineties, who lives near Delta B.C. Her father, John Richard Jepson was serving on a battlefield on Christmas Eve 1914, in the First World War. As darkness fell, some German troops started singing Christmas carols. Across the battle lines, British soldiers applauded and called out greetings. The next day, Christmas, all firing stopped for a while. German French and British troops met to shake hands and share food. It became known as “The Christmas truce.” Truly amazing! And Jesus still offers Himself to all as the “Prince of Peace.” That is because at Calvary, His death in our place made peace possible between a Holy God and sinful man. Now all can receive the greatest gift ever offered- “peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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