The Affordability Delusion January 15, 2020

The newspaper headline screamed, “THE CURSE OF THE AFFORDABILITY DELUSION.” The article then stated that you won’t see higher prices reflected in the down payments or in the monthly loan payments. Why? -because car loans for example, are being extended to as long as eight years these days. Then the writer of the article, Rob Carrick concluded, “Where we get into trouble is believing the cost of debt is measured only by our monthly payments. “That’s delusional,” Carrick declares. “This thoughtful article reminded me of a rhetorical question which Jesus once asked. “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world but lose his own soul? The wise among us will live their lives not only for the present but with eternity’s values in view, because we are all going to live somewhere forever.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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