Fanciful Predictions February 5, 2020

20 years ago, there were some fanciful predictions about the new 21st century. There would be flying cars, jet packs, waterproof living rooms, and a pool on every rooftop. Obviously, many of these utopian predictions about life in the 21st century did not come true. While many did see their dreams and inventions come to pass, it’s important to note that not everything new is necessarily good, nor is everything old necessarily bad. For example, the Bible is old, but it is still true and relevant. The famous 119th Psalm informs us, “Forever O Lord, your Word is settled in heaven. “ The Bible, God’s inspired Word, has been, and always will be unchanging and completely dependable. Its message is still life-transforming. King David prayed, “Lead me into your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation.” That’s an excellent prayer for us all.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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