Forgiveness for Indiscretions April 17, 2020

The advice column contained a letter from a woman describing her serious moral indiscretions during her college days, which involved incriminating pictures of her. She was worried that with today’s technology, the pictures could be anywhere. The letter ended with a warning to others, to think before they do something that could follow them all their lives. Sad, but true. The good news is that when we admit our wrong doing, and confess it to the Lord, while there may be unpleasant implications that result, there is forgiveness. David, who had his own discretions, cried out to God, “I acknowledged my sin to you and I did not cover my iniquity …and you forgave…” If you are troubled by past or present indiscretions, turn to the Lord. He will forgive. No matter what we have done, God loves us so much, He will forgive.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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