ENOUGH BAD NEWS—HERE’S GOOD NEWS Friday, September 4, 2020

“That’s it, I’ve had it. All you ever hear on radio and TV is bad news. I know they’re only reporting what’s going on, but I’m not listening anymore.” You’ve surely heard that sentiment many times, and it’s understandable. Today on Just a Minute, I will not be repeating bad news. The New Testament was written in an ancient language called koine Greek (“common Greek”). In the Greek New Testament, the noun evangelion (“gospel”) appears over seventy times. It is a word that means “good news.” So today in a time of bad news, the God of heaven offers us all good news. Even though He informs us that “all have sinned,” His Son “Christ died for our sins” on an old rugged cross and He offers every one of us forgiveness and “the gift of eternal life.” How’s that for good news?
Pastor Alex Rockwell
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