Be Sure to Read the Instructions December 7, 2020

A Prince Edward Island man left a store, and returned to his car, to find the windows rolled down, and his sun roof open. He had left them closed and the doors locked. Without the keys, he could not see how this could happen. Later, he learned of a special feature of that automobile designed for hot days, making it possible for all windows to be opened remotely, when a certain button on the ignition key is held down. He must have unknowingly pressed against the keys while they were in his pocket. He had neglected to read about this feature in the car’s manual. More seriously, when not being aware of information about one’s relationship to God, many miss out on important Bible truths that affect our eternal destiny. One New Testament writer warned, “How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation.” God loves each of us. Please read your Bible and learn about it.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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