All that she had February 3, 2021

Several years ago, an Island hair dresser, in church with her young children, faced an interesting decision. The offering was being taken up. Should she give her last five dollars or not? She decided to give. That week she received a letter in the mail containing $100 cash. She has never found out who her anonymous giver was. When she related that story, I suggested that it was a reminder that God loves her, and He loves her family. Her experience reminds us of a story Jesus told in Mark’s gospel. It was about a woman, who, though she did not have much, gave it all. He commended her with the words, “…she put in all that she had, her whole livelihood.” Her giving reflected her love for God. The greatest thing that you and I can give to God is our selves, as we admit that “all have sinned” and invite Christ into our lives.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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