Not Falling Short – May 12

We have a chicken coup in our back yard that I built inside an existing shed. In order to add airflow I cut an 8 foot length of pipe to fit from the coup to the back of the shed. To install the pipe properly it had to be on a downward slant to allow for any condensation to drain out of the shed and away from the chicken coup. I was in a rush so I just eyed up where I thought the hole in the shed should go for the pipe. After I put the pipe in place, it did not look right, so I went and found my level to make sure. The level revealed I had been too rushed. The hole I had cut was too high and had to be lowered. The Bible is to act like a level in a person’s life. A person may think they measure up to God’s standard but we all fall short. Romans 3:23 reads… for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Thankfully Jesus provided a way this can be fixed.
Pastor Gary Harris – Georgetown Baptist Church
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