Don’t get Scammed November 22

A present phone scam involves a caller claiming to come from the fraud department informing you that there are suspicious charges on your credit card. You are then told to immediately call the number on the back of your credit card. The caller then hangs up but the scammer stays on the phone and when the caller picks up again the scammer plays a recording of a dial done, then answers the call after you dial and even pretends to transfer you to someone else. At that point the caller is asked to verify their credit card by providing the necessary information. Without even knowing it the caller has been scammed and it can be very costly. Did you know in the book of Philippians the Bible identifies a way we can be scammed out of experiencing joy and it is accomplished in a very shrewd way. It is through the means of complaining and you did not even know it happened.

Pastor Gary Harris – Georgetown Baptist Church
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