Sept 30 – A Special Nurse

I recently read an inspirational, fascinating but true story of a soldier recovering in hospital, after losing an arm and a leg. One night nurse who always smiled warmly seemed to have a special effect on him. She said very little, but there was a tenderness to the touch of her hand as, she moved him to a more comfortable position. The soldier, sensed that her encouraging smile was not only on the outside, but revealed something inside. He noted that she was kind, helpful, thoughtful and cheerful. One night he mentioned that her face always shines. And asked, “what secret do you hold that makes it radiant like that?” The nurse replied, “I have a light inside of me. It is a Man who called Himself the light of the world.” Then she gave her testimony of how she had found supreme blessing and eternal life by receiving Christ as Savior, and now experience the joy of living by shining for Christ. The soldier then said, “I want that light in me to, for I can see a rainbow in your eyes!” May God give us more nurses like that!

Pastor Alex Rockwell