Oct 1 – The Lone Pine

When the tsunami of 2011, struck Japan, Residents of the city of Rikuzentakata, (Rick-ooze- entakata) were amazed when 70,000 trees were destroyed, but a lone 250 year old pine tree survived. It became known as the “miracle pine” and though later it died from salt water exposure, men were able to artificially preserve it. The city’s Mayor Futoshi Toba, said, “For those of us who were left suffering after the disaster, the miracle pine gave us strength and hope to carry on living.” In the case of those who have experienced their personal tsunamis, there is another tree- the Roman Cross on which Jesus died 2,000 years ago. There, though Jesus, God’s Son died for the sins of the world, we can celebrate that tree with joy, instead of sorrow. For He rose from the dead and offers hope and strength to all who call on Him. That hope for all who trust in Christ alone for salvation, is captured in these words- “which (hope) we have as an anchor of the soul, `a hope’ both sure and steadfast.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell