Jan 23 – Negotiating with God

A Federal Cabinet Minister brought greetings at the dedication service for a new church building. To break the ice, he told of a jogger who had fallen off a cliff and was hanging precariously from the branch of a tree. He prayed, “Lord, you’ve got to help me.” A voice from above said, “Let go of the branch and trust me.” The jogger looked below. Seeing it was a long way down, He asked , “Will I let go with both hands? “Yes” came the reply. The jogger paused, looked down again, then cried out “Is there anyone else up there?” Though told in jest, the story illustrates our attempts to negotiate with the Lord on our own terms, rather than obeying Him. Some of us ,when hearing the words “all have sinned” and “You must be born again,” like the stricken jogger, seek an alternative way, and cry out “Is there anyone else up there?” But Jesus’ “I am the way…”still stand.

Pastor Alex Rockwell