Feb 14 – Needed a Change of Heart

Abraham Lincoln’s nephew failed at faming in Illinois, so he planned to sell his farm and move to another farm in Missouri. Wise Abe Lincoln inquired, “Is the soil any better in Missouri than it is in Illinois? Is the climate any better in Missouri than it is in Illinois? You do not need a change of location to succeed as a farmer, what you need is a change of heart.” That advice applies to us all. There is overwhelming proof for the biblical claim that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and we were born with a sinful nature, causing us to leave God out of our lives. Once. Evangelist Billy Graham was approached by a young man after a crusade. Saying, “Dr. Graham, according to your message, I was born wrong.” Graham replied, “That’s right son, you need to be born again.” We all need a change of heart. It comes when we receive Christ into our lives by faith.

Pastor Alex Rockwell